Monday, February 12, 2007

Early Monday Report

Arthur has a cold. I had about a two day grace period and now I have a cold, too. Mark is healthy. The cold is not too bad; the only drawback is that Arthur has more energy than I do -- if it's not raining much today I think we'll go to the park down by the river and I'll let Arthur run around.

Grandma is in a nursing home / hospital. I saw her yesterday and she looked pretty well for a 98 year old with a new hip. She was in a wheelchair and dressed. We had short conversations while I played the harp for her. She liked the music, but after an hour she started to get fidgety. It was one of her lucid days (I've spoken to her on worse days) and she was more coherant than when I saw her last Sunday (right after her operation). Her short-term memory isn't too long, so she doesn't remember breaking her hip or having surgery to replace it.

The AntiValentines Party was small and fun. Mark Wild made a hilarious Donald Rumsfield series. In between making anti-valentines, Jenn, Kira, and Mali did tag-team Arthur watching. Mark Dwyer made wonderful spade-shaped sandwiches and was Kitchen God. I read poetry by Ono No Komachi and Izumi Shikubu to inspire everyone. Elyn and Eric brought a ton of craft supplies (and created a bear and rose -- ehem -- ensamble). Arthur wanted to do everything that the grown-ups were doing and in between that he wanted to eat the glue sticks.

Still no word on WOTF.
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