Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Spin, Art Boy!

Arthur has entered the verb phase of his development. He's very much into opening and closing things, and kicking and spinning.

Mark has a ballerina jewel box, and Arthur commands us daily by saying "Pin!" (spin) to wind it up and open it so he can see the spinning ballerina twirl in front of a triangular mirror to the sound of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." He's just getting to the point where he can spin in a circle by himself.

Arthur has also become very attached to a picture of one of my relatives, Steve, taken during a Thanksgiving Hat Contest. I made up a mini photo album of my family at one point to take back east to show Mark's family. Steve is wearing a hat made up of snowmen, and Arthur must think the carrot noses look like beaks, because he'll make the signs for "bird" and "book" and won't settle down until we've gone to Steve's page.

Arthur likes drawing with crayons, and particularly likes it when we draw the moon for him; and he was very thrilled when I drew a picture of his other obsession, "Itty Bam Bam!" (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang). So far we've managed to keep the crayons on paper. He managed to draw a two this morning, and all though he pointed it out, I'm not sure if he drew it on purpose or simply recognized it afterwards.

There's still some snow and ice on the ground here, and as Arthur has a slight cold, we haven't been going out much. We do make it to the store two blocks away to replenish our supplies of bananas. I'll be glad when it's safe enough to drive to the library without having to worry about unseasoned Oregonian drivers.

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