Sunday, January 21, 2007

Forbidden Zone

It's finally happened: this afternoon we've moved Arthur's crib out of our bedroom and into his very own room. Mark's a little emotional about it and I had to break into my secret chocolate stash to console him. At the risk of sounding unfeeling, let's just say that this morning was a little bit like "S is for Sunday" from "Uncle Shelby's ABZ Book," so I'm looking forward to Arthur having his own room. The most practical benefit is that our closet isn't blocked by the crib.

In order for Arthur to have his own room, we had to move the cat food and litter box into the garage, which meant we had to cut a pet door. I'm hoping that this will not air condition the kitchen too much. Muriel seems to have figured out what to do, but that hasn't stopped her from complaining about it to us.

We've also had to rearrange all sorts of things this weekend, as Arthur's room was previously "The Forbidden Room," where we kept fragile things. And heavy things with high centers of gravity. And pots filled with plants and dirt. And CDs.

Eventually all the forbidden things will move into our bedroom.
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