Friday, March 10, 2006

Here we go

OK. Here's one of the latest pictures of Arthur.

Arthur has four teeth. Judging by the amount of drool that sometimes comes out of his mouth, I'd say there's more on the way. If he starts to take very long naps I will become suspicious that a painful visit from the Tooth Fairy is around the corner.

He's developed object permanence, and the attendant squeal when we take something dangerous away from him. Like our shoes. Or electrical cords. Or the cat. For a while I thought Arthur might be able to say "cat" and sign it. Instead, he's figured out how to put his fingers to his lips and say B-b-b-b-b-b.

He might be able to say "Hi Dad," except that this seems to be a variation on his earlier avataristic utterances of Hebrew.

Mark has constructed a clever little screen to keep Arthur from crawling up to the baseboard heaters. It's a cardboard box with fabric glued to the front in a lovely little pastoral scene. It keeps the electrical cords for the computer and the baseboard out of site.

And the cat likes to hid behind it.
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