Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Water Up My Nose at 55 MPH

Tuesday Mark and I spent the afternoon at Blizzard Beach. Think ski-challete meets the Beach Boys. The set is decorated as if you're visiting the Alps, but there's also sand and lots of beach chairs. The plank fences alternate with pine and palm tree cut-outs. It's very clever, and the puns are turned up full blast. The park mascot is the "Ice Gator".

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The reason we went to Blizzard Beach instead of Typhoon Lagoon was for the Plummet Summit. It's a water slide 120 feet tall at a 60 degree angle. There are no curves, so by the time you reach the bottom you're in free fall. There's a long run for you to loose your momentum, so for about 80 feet you're hydroplaning wearing nothing but a swim suit at about 55 MPH. I watched other people coming down and they sent sprays of water up about 8 feet.

We went down the slide three times, and the last time I got a water spray up my nose. It was like a water-pic for my sinuses. Mark and I are still saying, "ooh, ow" from all the little bruises we got from the slide.

I'll probably get into trouble for suggesting this, but I think the theme song of the park should be It's a Large World After All (and Tattooed). Let's just say that I'm no longer worried that at fourty years old I'm too fat.

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